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    Best Selection from New Zealand's Top Shorthorn herd.

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    Longview Shorthorns

    Best Selection from New Zealand's Top Shorthorn Herd

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Longview Shorthorns

Welcome to Longview Shorthorns. Located in the rolling hills 20km west of the Kerikeri Inlet and 1000ft above sea level, Shane and Dot Dromgool farm a 200ha dairy operation in conjunction with a 300ha beef unit. They run Dairy Beef alongside 250 Pedigree Beef Shorthorn breeding cows.

Farm Bulls for Sale 2017 – Paddock Sales

We invite you to visit us in the Far North to view our selection of Beef Shorthorn bulls that have been farmed in a genuine commercial manner in Northland for over 65 years.

While Longview bred store cattle consistently top the Kaikohe sale, our bulls are guaranteed to move well into any other area of the country with clients nationwide able to confirm this.

With 250 active females, this is the largest registered Beef Shorthorn herd in NZ. This year we have Bulls for sale; you are offered not only a good selection, you will also have the ability to select a team of bulls with the type of your choice.

As our sales are paddock sales (not an Auction), you have the peace of mind of knowing you’re not going to blow your budget as you will know the price of each animal before you enter the paddock.


We look forward to seeing you in Northland.


Tel: 09 4019633, Email: